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"Through The Eyes of The Horse"

As a coach & clinician I promote balance, intention and action based leadership through helping motivate individuals move through their fears, connect to their authentic self and remove the resistance that holds them back from achieving their goals!
— Meagan Saum

A horse will reflect exactly what you need to see about yourself!

Are you brave enough to ask?

Are you strong enough to listen?

Are you humble enough to learn?

Next Upcoming Clinic...

June 6-8 2014

Pincher Creek, AB

Host: Karen Sifton

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"Problems can not be solved at the same level of awareness that created them"  

Albert Einstein


I spent three sessions with Meagan and her healing herd. I cannot describe in words the insights and awareness that arose in me after each horse mirrored the beauty of my soul. It is amazing to me how these powerful, instinctual creatures understood my soul pain and desires. I remember after one particular session in which Wicca and Taxi helped me to understand that I can remain grounded and worthy in my lack of confidence @ making decisions. This was powerful! I left Silver Valley Ranch that day seeing the mountains (and the world itself) with a new sense of clarity.
— L.L Lethbridge, AB

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